Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Couple Of Tips On Setting Goals

Accomplishing your goals while starting an internet business is a matter of getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

Most large and long-term goals are made up of smaller, short-term goals or objectives. Once you have written down your long-term goals and broken them down into smaller components, it’s time to identify the action steps that will move you toward accomplishing them.

Do NOT proceed with developing action plans for your goals unless you have been very specific about what you want to accomplish and why. Otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting your time.

Identify Clear Action Steps for Each Goal

Start with one long-term goal and its corresponding short-term goals. Action steps generally fall into two categories. The first pertains to planning and preparation, such as researching and educating yourself on the “how to”. The second category involves taking action to implement a step in your planning process.

When you begin to implement your action plans, be careful to avoid letting yourself become consumed by the planning and preparation steps. In order to get results you must put that knowledge into action.

What is important to focus and push forward on are productive action steps; the actions taken that will yield the greatest results.

You will want to identify action steps to be taken daily, weekly, and monthly.

Your Daily actions will be those actions you will do every day. Examples: post to your blog; comment on other people’s blogs and in forums; do keyword/niche/market research; work on the article you publish each week, etc.

Weekly actions are usually a bit larger in scope and take a little longer to complete. They would include things like publishing your article to article directories; finding new affiliate products to market; learning to write sales copy, etc. You may also have to take daily action to complete each of your weekly steps.

Monthly actions are those steps you will do to keep yourself on track. How well did what you do lead toward accomplishing your goal? Are there any steps or goals the need to be changed or updated?

Remember, working toward the achievement of your online marketing goals is a process – you can’t take action just once and hope it works. To attain most goals will require consistent and persistent effort and specific action steps taken day after day, week after week, and month after month!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Build an Online Business - Start with Your Dreams

Before you ever start the process to build an online business, you must first identify what motivates you to want to. If you have clearly defined goals and dreams it will be much easier for you to remain motivated as you work toward your objectives. You will discover that one of the most difficult things you have to do is maintain your focus as you begin your journey in online marketing. You will probably be bombarded with offers of buy this, subscribe to that, join here, download this from other online marketers all promising that without this, that and the other you have no real chance of success. If you have a set of clearly defined goals you will know what you need to have, when, and make keeping your focus much easier to accomplish.

You Should Have Big Dreams

Having dreams for what you want to accomplish will be an absolute necessity that will keep you striving for success. As you identify your dreams don’t try to limit yourself in thinking about what you want. As you envision the future you want for yourself and family, remember that as far as dreams and ambitions are concerned nothing is impossible.

So... do you know what dreams you want to fulfill by running a successful Internet marketing business? Perhaps a dream is to fire your boss and retire from your job as soon as practical, or maybe it's just developing an additional income that will allow you to really enjoy your annual vacations. Maybe you want to be able to afford your child's future college education if they decide to attend, or is it just to know that their current pre-school tuition is covered? Is there a dream car you've always wanted, or would simply having the money to put gasoline in your current one be enough for now? Is there that perfect house on your favorite lake you want to buy, or would you be happy just knowing your current rent/mortgage is paid on time each month?

Your dreams are yours and no one else’s. They can be anything and everything you want them to be. The dreams you have today may change or grow or expand over time as you begin to accomplish some, or all, of them.

Having dreams provides you with a reason and something to work toward. You are going to face some tough times and challenges as you build an online business. Keeping your dreams clearly established in your mind, and on paper, will enable you to push through those difficult times. Your dreams will provide you with the drive to work toward accomplishing those things you really want in life.

No matter what dreams you may have, it is extremely important for your success that you have some.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Review - Newbie's Guide To Online Fortunes

Also subtitled 'The Simple & Easy Guide To Starting Your Very Own Online Business ASAP!'

The purpose of my blog is to provide you with truly valuable step-by-step information, lead you toward resources that I have found present real value, and, from time to time tell you what I think about some of the information I have found.

The comments that follow are strictly my personal opinion.

This 'Guide' is a resource that you can definitely live without. It's another of those valuable sources of information that I regret having given any hard drive storage space to. I have since deleted it, kept the title page (so I don't accidentally download it again) and thrown away the rest of the printout.

The e-book appears to have been written in 2004. The information is outdated, at best. The author is not known, which was a good decision on their part. Similar to a majority of other 'how to' guides you'll find, there is no 'how to' anywhere to be found. For example, you are instructed that when you have decided what your domain name will be, you need to check that no one else is using the same name. Good idea, but you aren't given any instructions on how to do so.

The document is loaded with grammatical errors, possibly (??) a result from difficulties encountered in translating. "By sitting in front of the computer, everyone in the world is now within your three feet". Huh? Last I checked, I don't have three feet. It is also fulled up with spellen erers.

There is one part of the document that has some benefit. If you are completely lost for an idea to start your own online business, there is a section that outlines some topics you might consider. But, only consider this as a last resort when you have no ideas of your own.

My recommendation is that you avoid this guide. Don't download it, waste your time reading it, and for the preservation of your good name - do not suggest to anyone you know that they do either.

Just my thoughts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Accomplishments Start With An Idea

Ever wonder what an entrepreneur does with most of his/her waking day? Most entrepreneurs are forward-looking thinkers and spend a great deal of their time envisioning what new ideas they can bring to the world.

Some of these ideas may not be original to them but rather a result of researching in archives to find previous work that never got past the idea stage of development. Due to technology available at the time, or resources, or capital, or any number of reasons, some ideas may not have been feasible when first conceived and therefore were kept for future use or reference. If the original circumstances preventing further development have changed sufficiently, some of those ideas may now have higher market potential. The entrepreneur may decide that now is the time to dust off this idea and do some further feasibility investigation.

A feasibility study is vital for every potential business venture. From the original idea, whether "new" or "dusted off", the entrepreneur begins to explore the level of need or want in the current market that the idea would apply to and. The research may even include conducting surveys of potential customers and meticulously recording the responses. This documentation can then be used by the entrepreneur to tweak and further refine the idea.

Market research comes before any serious development is done on product(s) or service(s). The entrepreneur recognizes that having the greatest product or service since sliced bread will be worthless if no one wants or needs pre-sliced bread. S/he may find, instead, that there is a huge market for making slicing-bread-at-home easier products.

Once an entrepreneur determines that there is a want/need to be satisfied in a market large enough to provide returns that justify the investment there are several choices they can make. They may decide to bring the product/service to market themselves; they may develop a prototype, patent it and license the rights to others; or, they may attempt to sell the idea and invest in someone else bringing it to market.

In today’s world, many entrepreneurs are found in the internet marketing business. A reason is that most internet-based businesses are potential money makers yet don't involve the same challenges of product/service production and distribution that revolve around a traditional manufacturing business. However, the process of developing and idea is still the same. To become a successful internet entrepreneur, the first step is to take your idea and determine if there is a market for it that makes further development worth your time and effort. Make sure you do your own research and gather as much information as you can before you convince yourself, that just because you think your idea is "can't miss", there really is a need/want for it in the marketplace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Online Business of Your Own

Starting a home based business is an immensely popular trend which is becoming more prevalent. Every month, thousands of optimistic people attempt starting an online business with the aspiration of eventually giving up their current job and earning considerably more than their current income. Some people might start their business with a simple blog, while others may dive headlong into developing an online store. No matter what approach is taken, the number of people motivated to earn a living from the internet increases almost daily

Possessing the dream of business ownership is magnificent and demonstrates that a person has an entrepreneurial spirit lurking within. However, the dream itself is not enough to insure success, although without the vision providing the reason to keep striving failure can almost certainly be guaranteed.

Making a decision can sometimes be hard. Certainly, whether or not to undertake a serious attempt at making money online is the right course for a person is a hard decision. Sure, we all surf from time to time looking for information, we use Map Quest, read and send emails and many of us will even buy merchandise online. However, when it comes to establishing and building a profitable business and securing a living online, not many people survive.

The lack of survival, let alone success, is often due to a lack of proper guidance and information when first starting an online business. The internet is a wonderful place to gather ideas and information for starting and running an online business. But, in many cases there seems to be too much information presented, leading the aspiring entrepreneur off in so many different directions that they can easily, and quite frequently, end up confused as to what’s appropriate and useful to where they currently are in the development of their business. It can often take far more time and effort to filter through all the available information than one has to devote, especially considering today’s busy, hectic, over-worked and over-stressed lifestyles. Without the proper information to serve as a guide when starting and developing an online business the result can often be wasted effort, wasted hours, wasted money, frustration and despair.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is my first blog

Welcome to my blog about starting your own online business.